Rainmaking Made Simple

James E. Thompson, JD

American Indian lore has always exalted the “Rainmaker” The Rainmaker is the one who would always use his magical powers to bring the rain that was needed to grow the crops that were needed to feed the tribe. Without the powers of the rainmaker the members of the tribe would not have any food and would weaken and die.

So it is with today’s Rainmaker, this is the person or persons who use their “magical powers” to bring the revenue to an organization so that it does not weaken and die.

The term “Rainmaker” is more commonly used in professional services such as legal, accounting consulting, and those professionals who have worked in large Law Firms, Accounting Firms, etc. are all aware of what a Rainmakers is and what he or she does. He or she is the one or two people in an organization, whose responsibility it is to bring in the Clients. Often these are the most highly compensated individuals, the ones with the large, well-appointed offices for after all they may need to meet a Client in their office and they are usually the ones that probably have not practiced their profession in years, if they ever have.

If you are fortunate enough to be in a large firm, you really have no need to be reading this as chances are you are never going to be the one who has to bring in the Clients, that is unless of course, you want to make partner by showing the Partners that you can also bring in business.

If on the other hand you are a professional who has been displaced by the economy and have had to set up your own practice, either by yourself or with a couple of others who may have been displaced along with you, then I hope what I will be writing about in the coming weeks will hold some benefit for you.

More importantly, if you are a solo practitioner, you need to be the “Rainmaker”—the one that has to bring in more clients to grow your practice or in some cases just to maintain it. I hope that you too will find a lot of benefit here in the coming weeks.

I will be updating this on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week and I hope that what I write will benefit you in your practice. I will keep them short and sometimes they may even be funny, yes, marketing can be fun, but most of all I hope that you will be able to turn these thoughts, hints or whatever they might be into ways build you practice.

I would also encourage your comments and again if you have any thoughts or suggestions on getting clients, please feel free to add them.

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