Get Clients Now! 28-Day Marketing Program

Get Clients Now!™

Get Clients Now logoThe Simple 28-Day Marketing Program
Learn how doing ten simple things every week can

When you don't set aside time for marketing activities on a regular basis you run the risk of the yo-yo phenomenon; you may experience extreme waves in business that cost you time and energy. Most service-oriented business owners also resist marketing because it doesn't come easily to them.
Increase your sales and marketing success by combining the Get Clients Now! system with the coaching, accountability, perspective, and support provided by a 28-day program. In this highly effective action group format, you and a team of other independent professionals use the power of group coaching to help each other get more clients.

What You Will Learn
  • What really works to market a service business, and what doesn't
  • Over 100 different tools & tactics for marketing your business
  • What's the difference between a marketing tool & a marketing tactic and why it matters
  • How to diagnose your marketing ailments with the Universal Marketing Cycle
  • Discover the missing ingredients that have prevented your marketing from being successful
  • Break out of "analysis paralysis" and make the right choices about spending time & money on marketing
  • How doing ten simple things per day can bring you all the clients you'll ever need

Just 28 days! This program doesn't go on forever. You create a plan that you implement consistently for just 28 days. (This program includes weekends off!)

This Program is For:

Consultants * Small Business Owners * Salespeople * Accountants * Medical Professionals  * Entrepreneurs * Speakers * Attorneys * Mortgage Brokers * Financial Planners * Insurance Agents * Real Estate Agents *Anyone that needs Clients to stay in Business 

What you Get with Your Enrollment
  • Two 90-minute seminars by telephone (call from any phone anywhere -- no special equipment required)
  • Three to four hours of small group coaching sessions by phone (1 or 2 per week)
  • A toolkit of tested sales and marketing techniques
  • Your own customized 28-day marketing plan that you can use over and over
  • Coaching, accountability, perspective and support from your coach and your team; and  more CLIENTS!

For more information on the program and when the next program starts e mail me at or call 708 785 4022.

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